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ZD-18 Zone-Type Liquid Leakage Alarm System

ZD-18 Zone-Type Liquid Leakage Alarm System

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Product Description

  • Used for leak detection in small computer rooms or technical service areas, main application areas including: under-floor air conditioning units, over-head fan coil units, hot water radiator units, sump tanks, drip trays, etc
  • Allows immediate detection of conductive (water, acid & alkaline) or non-conductive (hydrocarbon fuel or organic solvent) by applying different type of liquid sensing cables

Technical Specification

  • Enclosure: ABS Enclosure
  • Dimension: 125mm x 165mm x 75mm (excluding cable gland)
  • Weight: 550g
  • Input Power: 100-240V AC, Single Phase or 12 -24V AC/DC
  • Power Consumption: Max 2W
  • Visual Indication:
    • Power LED (Green)
    • Cable Break Alarm (Orange)
    • Leakage Alarm (Red)
  • Audible Alert: Buzzer with Silent Switch
  • Relay Output:
    • Leakage Relay (Form C)
    • Fault Relay (Form C)
  • Button:
    • Mute / Alarm Acknowledgement Button
    • Leakage Relay Reset Button
  • Sensitivity: Adjustable